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So you wanna give our famous Marathon a crack?  You've come to the right place!

You can register for one leg or several, and it's not compulsory to have a horserider in your team.

We can assist in finding horse riders.


We ae moving to an online registration of Teams & Participants this year rather than using the paper forms


  • Team Manager Signs Up then Registers themselves.

  • During Registration sets up the Team Name with a Team Code as a password.

  • Team Manager pays for the Team Registration at Checkout.

  • Team Manager invites Team Members to join the Team by emailing the link provided and the Team Code. This is available from the Managers Dashboard that can be accessed after registration, a link will be in the confirmation email.

Team Managers can also Change Team Members and Legs at a later date if required.



  • Team Members can then Sign Up & Register. They select the team to join during the process. They enter the Team Code to be able to join the team.

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