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- 16km -


The horse course for 2022 aims to avoid some particularly wet areas. Please watch out for course markers.


1) Just before step 13
Towards the end of Lodge Rd (before the top of the hill) the course takes a right hand turn. You will have pine trees to your left and bush to your right. Follow the bush track and course markers to join the old course.

This change has resulted in the equestrian course being shortened by approximately 2km and has removed a potentially hazardous section.

If you wish to have a break and water your horse, do not take the right hand turn at this point. There is some yards with a water trough about 200m straight on, you will need to retrace the 200m to rejoin the course.

Rejoins previous course at step 24

2) Steps 32-35 have been modified to avoid wet area near yards and shed.

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