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Message from the Traffic Director


Please read the following notes carefully, so that you can be aware of the traffic flow changes on the day.

lt is also worth noting that there will be traffic control officers and marshals all over the course to assist traffic to move smoothly and safely around the course. Please be patient, drive safely and, most of all, enjoy your day.


Terry Road will be closed from 9am to 11am due to the running leg.

Spectator vehicles that want to access the canoe finish/ swim start car park on the east side of Jayes Bridge can travel east on the Boyup Brook Kojonup Road to Aegers Bridge Road then right onto Jayes Road. Stanton Road will also be closed to spectator traffic between 9am and 11am

During the closure spectator vehicles travelling to the Run Finish/Canoe start will be directed along the Bridgetown Boyup Brook road to turn left onto Brown Seymour Road then left onto Jayes road towards Jayes Bridge.



Vehicles only (not horse floats) wishing to proceed to the Horse Finish/Cycle Start from Jayes Bridge, are requested to park in the car park on the east side of Jayes Bridge. Then, leaving the car park to proceed to the Horse finish/Cycle Start turn right along Jayes Road, veer right into Muir Road, turn right into Winnejup Road, and carry on to the Horse Finish/Cycle Start. Horse floats and other vehicles on the west side of Jayes Bridge should take the Flax Road - Winnejup Road route from Jayes Road to get to the Horse Finish but must leave before 12:30 pm. Otherwise horse floats and other vehicles on the west side of Jayes Bridge will be asked to wait until after 1:30 pm before proceeding to the Horse Finish by travelling east across Jayes Bridge (now clear of spectators), along Jayes Road, veering right into Muir Road, turning right into Winnejup Road, and carrying on to the Horse Finish after Flax Road, if open, otherwise please follow detour signs and instructions.

NOTE: As an essential safety measure for cyclists, no vehicles should use the Flax Road route after

12:30pm to proceed to the Horse Start/Cycle Finish; thus avoiding turning left into Winnejup Road against oncoming traffic and cyclists.




Jayes Bridge will be closed to all but official vehicles when there are large Nos of spectators on the Bridge, from approximately 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. The Flax Road from Jayes Road to Winnejup Road route should not be used for traffic proceedingto the Horse Finish/Cycle Start after 12:30 pm, as there will be no left turn into Winnejup Road due to cyclist safety requirements. Jayes Bridge will be open to eastbound traffic from 1:30 pm providing the alternative route for vehicles, especially horse floats, to the Horse Finish/Cycle Start, via Muir and Winnejup Roads.


Horse floats leaving the Horse Finish and travelling west along Winnejup Road toward Bridgetown

are, for safety reasons, asked to divert left into the Horse Float Bypass on Elwins Road from Winnejup Road to Bridgetown, the Show Ground and the Sportsground. Traffic travelling west along Winnejup Road to the Bridgetown—Boyup Brook Road will be diverted into Pettersen Road, right onto the Bridgetown-Boyup  Brook Road, and then into Hester Road towards Bridgetown or the Sportsground.


Traffic travelling South-West down along the Bridgetown»Boyup  Brook Road towards Bridgetown will be diverted away from the cyclist route into Hester Road towards Bridgetown or the Sportsground. At the corner of Hester and Krsuls Roads, marathon traffic can access the Sportsground by turning left into Krsuls Road, at the end of which they will be diverted via a tidy bush track into the Sportsground.


Traffic from Winnejup Road and the Bridgetown- Boyup Brook Road wishing to travel to Bridgetown will be directed to continue on the Hester Road, via the Hester township and the Southwest Highway to Bridgetown. Traffic can exit the rear of the Sportsground via its main entry road, turning onto the Bridgetown-Boyup  Brook Road, to the right to Bridgetown, and to the left to Boyup Brook.



Horse Floats travelling from the Horse Finish to the Sportsground should travel there via Winnejup Road, turning left into the Horse Float bypass via Elwins Road, Kangaroo Gully Road, Turner Road and the Bridgetown-Boyup  Brook Road.



Traffic Director

Spectator & Support Vehicle PDF Map.
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