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- 6.2 km -


The canoe course is from the new run finish to just past Jayes Bridge.

The course has changed for 2022 with the start being on Jayes Rd just west of Terry Rd. There is a better launching area and the course takes up back up river (against the current) then a U turn to come back down the river to Jayes Bridge.


River conditions may vary significantly with water levels, please check conditions on the day and attend race brief. Watch this space for advice on Blackwood River water levels for the 2022 course.


Please note that Terry Road Crossing has been modified and is now constructed with concrete box culverts.

This crossing must be ported by all canoeists.


Please select your route with care. Leave the river well before the crossing as the currents may be strong. Select the area to re-enter with care, the lower side of the crossing is very rough.

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